The result

Alles zu DELPHIN, dem Programm zur hygrothermischen Bauteilsimulation.

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The result

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Dear Delphin Team,
I´m looking for an example, to learn how to analyze the results.
Could you please help me?
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Re: The result

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You can create charts from the created Delphin results by using our PostProc 2. You ca download it from our downlaod page (
You can find a manual here: ... index.html
Currently we don't have a example for this. An explanation depends also strongly on the topic you want to analyze. What do you want to show?
When you do a DELPHIN simulation, you need to know beforehand what exactly you want to show. The goal of your investigation determines which outputs you need and how you want to display or further analyse them. Maybe you first summarise what the result should be.