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Salt modeling: Gypsum calculations in DELPHIN

Verfasst: 30 Jan 2019, 09:09
von ghorwin
DELPHIN includes a salt transport model. DELPHIN 6 has currently single-species support, e.g. a single salt dissolved into the solution. You have the choice of using Pitzer-parameterization (data set from M. Steiger, see, or providing salt-specific data sets.

For Gypsom, several simplifications are possible. A discussion of the model and parametrization can be found in the dissertation of Jelena Todorovic, see also paper ... via%3Dihub)

With respect to pore clogging discussed in the article, some advanced (and not publicly documented) features are implemented in DELPHIN. If someone wants to use salt transport, please let us know and we will add some example projects to the installer.