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Modeling an arch

Verfasst: 23 Sep 2021, 13:29
von Bina
I want to simulate this ceiling to fin the Temprature,Wind Solar and heat flow.

Re: The result

Verfasst: 23 Sep 2021, 15:13
von fechner

May you can explain a bit more? What exactly is the question?

First of all for Geometry Delphin can handle only rectangular constructions. In order to model the arch you can use a staircase-like construction. Keep in mind the increase of the surface. This can be handled by modifieing the exchange coefficient.

Re: Modeling an arch

Verfasst: 26 Sep 2021, 12:45
von ghorwin
Hi Bina,

this is actually a quite interesting question. As DELPHIN can only handle rectilinear geometries, we need to create a "representative substitution model". However, to got anywhere close to "representative", the actual question to be answered with the simulation is of interest.

For example, if you want to have local surface temperatures to evaluate the condensation risk, you might want to model just the weekest part of the construction (top of the arch), since that gives you the worst case.

If you want to model drying out of the construction (e.g. after refurbishment), you may want to use a slightly thicker column/beam representation.

In short: What is it you want to know when running the simulation?

Please let us know and then we might give you some idea on how to idealize the actual 3D geometry into something "representative".


Re: Modeling an arch

Verfasst: 27 Sep 2021, 10:04
von Bina
vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort.
Es ist eine Adobe (nicht gebrannte Lehmziegel) Decke.
Ich brauche als Ergebnis, die Temperatur Außen und Innen in Oberfläche,
Feuhigkeit , der Effekt von Solar und Wärmeflus
Ich möchte über die verhalten von Strukture und Materialen erforschen.

Viele Grüße