Indoor climate - Hygrovariable vapor barrier

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Indoor climate - Hygrovariable vapor barrier

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Dear DELPHIN team,

I have just started to take charge of DELPHIN, I have some questions about its use.
I have not been able to find the answers in the online tutorials, so I take the liberty of asking my questions here.

First, I would like to be able to enter a file to define the indoor climate in the same way as with the outdoor climate.
Indeed, I have a tool that allows me to create a file with the indoor climate data based on the outdoor climate data, a file with the same format.
Sans titrell.png
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Is it possible to use a file to define the indoor climate ?

Second question, I would like to know if I can create a hygrovariable vapor barrier on DELPHIN.
As you can see on the two images below, the list of hygrovariable vapor barriers is already defined
Sans titre.png
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Sans titre2.png
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How can I add a hygrovariable vapor barrier to this list ? Is it possible ? Can I achieve an equivalent by creating a material ?

Last question, my edit materials tab is very slow and sometimes causes the software to crash, is this a recurring problem with trial versions or is the problem with my computer?

Thank you in advance, Julien
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Re: Indoor climate - Hygrovariable vapor barrier

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Yes, you can use a file (ccd or tsv format) for indoor climate. In order to do this you have to use the detailed model instead of EngineeringIndoor. Here you can create your own boundary conditions with own climate data.

If you want to add a smart vapor retarder you need to add a corresponding material file (m6 format) to thematerial database. m6 is a simple text format and can be changed or created with a normal text editor. As example you can have a look in the material database of Delphin. The path can be for example 'C:\Program Files\IBK\Delphin 6.1\resources\DB_materials'.
As example you can use the file 'OwolenDBMulti_608.m6'. You can copy this file and then change it as you like.
Delphin read the material database at start and from this the membrane list will be created.