Too long simulation times

Alles zu DELPHIN, dem Programm zur hygrothermischen Bauteilsimulation.

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Too long simulation times

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I am trying to perform a hygrothermal simulation, including airflows, of a very simplified detail, but the simulation times I get are too long. How can I improve this?

Find attached the file I am using.
In order to model an air gap, I chose a brick material and changed the permeability value.
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Re: Too long simulation times

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First of all a DELPHIN project doesn't contain the material properties. Please attach a project package the next time. Such a package contains also materials and climate.
Normally if you simulate an airflow through a structure its a good idea only to set a air pressure boundary condition at materials which have an air permeability. You can easily divide the surfaces into different kinds with and without air flow.
Please read also the following FAQ entry ... 0cb917cba5
For more information I need the project package.

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