Anisotropic modelling

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Anisotropic modelling

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Dear IBK.

I just discovered that D6 has a checkbox to turn on anisotropic modelling, but couldn't find good documentation on it - is it functional?
I modified the material file according to ... ent/ATT-0/
(i understand there's a typo in "As described in paragraph 5.1, storage of anisotropic material properties is possible through adding suffixes _U, _V and/or_W to the transport parameter sections, for example: MOISTURE_TRANSPORT_U and MOISTURE_TRANSPORT_V.". I got an error when adding the suffixes, but got the file working if the U direction stays "MOISTURE_TRANSPORT" and the rest have the _V and _W suffixes)

Anyway - how are the directions correlating to the x-y-z directions in delphin? Can it be defined somehow or is left to right = x = U; down-up = y = V?

Thank you in advance,
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Re: Anisotropic modelling

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The anisotropic modelling is not fully implemented. We don't have a tutorial and also no possibilities for setting properties in GUI.
In order to set the directions you need to set a parameter in the assignment area of the project file. Here an example:
<Assignment type="Material" location="Element">
<Reference>Mortar Aniso</Reference>
<Range>0 0 19 33</Range>
You see the Mapping parameter. here you set the connection betwen xyz to U V or W transport. In the example ambove you have a UVV Mapping. That means U is fo x and V for y and z.

You found one of the the errors. Normally both versions MOISTURE_TRANSPORT_U and MOISTURE_TRANSPORT should work.