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Database (Materials)

Verfasst: 04 Mai 2021, 10:48
von Julien
Dear Delphin team,

I have some questions about the material database on Delphin.

I would like to know if the database is updated regularly ? If yes, how ?
How are the materials to be implemented in the database chosen ?
Can a design office or a manufacturer propose a material to complete the database ?
Do you work with a laboratory so that companies can send you products to be tested ?

If I take a material as an example:
Capture.JPG (17.37 KiB) 6794 mal betrachtet
For this material, did Knauf send you a sample of their product ? Or did they do the tests themselves and send you the results ?

And for materials where the manufacturer is not mentioned, you have tested generic materials yourself ?

Thanks in advance !

Re: Database (Materials)

Verfasst: 04 Mai 2021, 18:55
von fechner

The database is only a directory inseide the Delphin directory. Each material is represented by a single file with the extension m6. It is a textfile which can be opened in a normal text editor. You can see the format description here: ... ent/ATT-0/.
For a Delphin simulation we need extended material properties which are normally not all measured by a material producer. Additionally some special experiments (water uptake, drying, condensation) are necessary. We have our own laboratory which can measure materials and create material data set.
Normally the material producre send us samples of their product and we made the measurements. Some measurements (density, heat capacity, thermal conductivity) can be performed by the producer itself.
If the material producer is not shown in the database it is mostly a material gathered from a real building. We measured many materials of old buildings in the frame of research projects or consulting projects.

With kind regards
Heiko Fechner

Re: Database (Materials)

Verfasst: 06 Mai 2021, 09:12
von Julien
Dear Delphin team, thank you for your answer

I have another question, some materials have missing information, especially the curves (For example, all cement flooring, N° 375 to 383)

This prevents me from launching simulations without cancelling physical phenomena, why have I left some incomplete materials in the database that do not allow me to launch calculations ?
Is this possible and how can I determine the values of the missing data without testing the material myself?

Thanks in advance,

Re: Database (Materials)

Verfasst: 06 Mai 2021, 14:31
von fechner

We have some materials in our database without properties for moisture transport. With such materials one cannot perform a hygrothermal simulation. Such a material is only usable for pur thermal simulations e.g. thermal brigdes. This is also possible with Delphin (switch off moisture transport).
Furthermore the material database is used not only for the software Delphin but also for thermal programs like Therakles (room climate simulation).
You can filter the material database so you can see only materials with moisture transport (one or two blue bars). For this you hav to check the necessary moisture transport in the top of the material database dialog.
If you want to add a material with moisture transport properties you need at least the moisture storage function and one or more properties for moisture transport (e.g. µ value). Such properties can be measured by a laboratory or added from literature values if existant.