Ventilated cavity wall

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Ventilated cavity wall

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Dear Delphin-team

I want to define a ventilated cavity, but I am unsure how to do it in the best way. My most qualified guess is, however, to use "Sources/Sinks", and link it to the gap. I would like it to be as representative as possible, why I want to enter it as tabulated data. The tabulated data will be based on weather data for the area of the building.

What should the header of the tabulated data [FluidChangeRate] be then (corresponding to TEMPER C for temperatures)?

Am I on the right track or can I do it more simple for myself?

I hope you can help!
Best regards Friis
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Re: Ventilated cavity wall

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Dear Friis,

Do you want to set the air change rate for the ventilated cavity as climate condition?
In this case the FluidFlowRate is the right choice. You need to use the unit m3/s. Instead of this you can also use the FluidChangeRate. This is an air chnage rate in 1/h or similar.